How the FURminator Saved My Life

Don’t laugh at me. I know the title is a bit dramatic, but seriously. Let me tell you a little story about our new babies and my new best friend the FURminator.

Five months ago we adopted our first dog. Despite my husband’s allergies, he finally caved (yay!). Einstein, a border collie/blue heeler mix, miraculously barely shed AT ALL. We were thrilled.

Then we decided he needed a friend.

Along came Jane from our local humane society. She is also a blue heeler mix, so we thought we were in the clear. Good grief, we were so wrong.

They were instant best friends. They romped and played all over our nice expensive Lovesac furniture. And Jane left little pieces of herself behind EVERYWHERE. I vacuumed every day, and every day our furniture was covered in her fur. Little fur balls floated around the floor and into every corner. My husband couldn’t stop sneezing and started getting hives.

I bought TONS of different types of brushes and shampoos. I didn’t want to invest in the pricey FURminator. Guess what, I spent just as much money total on all the cheap stuff as I did when I finally gave in and bought the thing that actually worked.

I’m not going to lie to you – the initial brushing took some time. I brushed Jane for a good 45 minutes the first round and ended up with another miniature Jane. After this though, I brush her for about 15 minutes once a week, and we are good to go.

It has saved me so much time vacuuming and sweeping, and guess what? My husband can breathe clear again and stopped getting hives! Now we get to all cuddle up on the couch and watch TV 🙂

I highly recommend the model I use which I linked here and throughout the post. I can’t speak to their other products, but I saw they offer options for size of dog and length of fur as well as a brush for cats. Doing some more research, I also saw they have a vacuum attachment. I laughed at it, but honestly might try it.


2 thoughts on “How the FURminator Saved My Life

  1. Loved the dramatic title but beyond that, I’M SO ON BARD WITH THIS BRUSH. We have a golden and a lab mix — that golden is like a dog and a half if you measure the dog hair tumbleweeds rolling across the floor and nothing’s touched it except the FURminator. Solid recommendation!


    1. AverageJane5

      Haha I hated the “dog hair tumbleweeds”! Seemed like I was chasing them around with the vacuum everyday since they tried to run away from the broom. Thanks for the input!


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