Welcome to Average Jane

Alright everybody. So, what are you going to get here? Get rich quick schemes and the cure for all ailments! Ha, no. I’m an average person- just like you. I’m not rich, and I have issues (health and otherwise), but I am hoping to shed some light on my life experiences and hopefully help to guide others through my successes and and outright failures. I’m not talking extremes here like surviving cancer or going from middle class to millionaire. Just everyday life: buying a home, traveling on a tight budget, relationships, investing, and non critical health issues.

I’d like to share my experiences, what worked and what didn’t, in a place where everyone can comment and share. I’ve also added a contact page where you can reach me directly if you ever want to chat about anything I’ve posted in more detail. If I’ve found a product that I liked or found useful, I’ll include a link usually toward the bottom of the post.

Well, I look forward to sharing with all of you and hope that you find this blog helpful and entertaining.


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